October 11, 2021 Pastor Scott



Hello Church Family,

I hope that you will enjoy the new website. It has been a challenge for me to create and upload it. I hope over time that we can make it any better. We are always looking for new and bright ideas to add to our site. This blog is one of them.

This is my first blog ever and as I write this I am preparing for Bible Study. We are preparing to move Bible Study to the evening to see if we can grow our group. This change is scheduled for January 2022 and we will be praying for you to join us. If you are not a member of our church family yet, we invite you to grow with us in our reading and understanding of the Bible.

If you are not aware of the upcoming Harvest Festival... here are the details as of right now. The Harvest Festival will be Saturday, October 30th from 12-5 pm. We will provide a small lunch consisting of hot dogs, chips, and water, we will also have games, music, and of course candy! We would like to invite you and bring your friends to Library Park in Orland. If you do not know where the park is please contact the church office at 530-865-3131. If you would like to donate candy for this event please contact me at the church office and I would be happy to make arrangements for you to drop it off or I can pick it up.

I hope and pray that as I start off on this journey of learning how to blog and what to write about that you will be kind and encourage me to write more often. God Bless all of you and may the peace and comfort of God be with you.

Pastor Scott Gessford