November 02, 2021 Pastor Scott

All Saints Day

All Saints Day

This past week we celebrated a Harvest Festival which saw somewhere around 300 people attend. This was put on by the Orland Ministerial Association in which our church is a part of and I am deeply involved. We are looking for ways to attract our younger generations which we are missing in our pews.

Events like these are one way to show the people of our city the love of Christ. As I talked about two Sundays ago, we are not to make disciples for any specific church, but for Jesus the Christ! This is our way of showing the people in our community that we can see past our theological differences and unite for the good of God's Kingdom!

Two days ago we celebrated All Saints Day as we celebrated the lives of 9 people who were either members or constituents of the church. We did this in a way that might have been new to our church but went off smoothly and successfully! I was very moved by the readings that Jerry and Jenny Aguiar did along with the bell ringing, the music, and of course the solo that Kristin did. I looked out and saw some of you wiping away some tears as you heard about your loved ones or the message about your friends were being read. I was thankful to participate in the small way that I did.

As we move towards Advent which starts on November 28th let us be reminded of the reason for the season and that is our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus' birth. As we get closer to that date I will publish the Scriptures we will be using this year so you can read ahead. We will also be doing an Advent study this year on Sunday mornings at 9 am starting on November 28th, we will also do the same Advent study on Thursday nights at 6:30 pm starting on Thursday, December 2nd.


Pastor Scott Gessford