Get to know the  new pastor 2023

Soon after arriving in Orland, as the newly appointed pastor, I was asked, kindly, “What do you think of us?”  I thought, “That is similar to the question I should have asked myself, ‘What do they think of me?” I came to be a part of the ministry at The Federated Church of Orland hoping that mine would be a good fit. But the impression was that the church family wanted to welcome me in the warmest way. Maybe I misinterpreted the intent to expect a servant-pastor who will try to nurture and grow the congregation. In any case, you have made me feel at home and it is my utmost desire for us to mature as followers of Jesus. If we agree on that note, I trust this next stage of the mission endeavor we all continue as Jesus' disciples will be nothing but great.

The other question was, “Tell us something about yourself or what you want to tell us?.”  You need to know who the pastor of the church is. I understand and appreciate that. So with hope that this will help you, let me mention just a few things.
I just turned 63, married, with two adult sons who live in Texas. Born in Illinois,  we promptly (at age 4) moved to South Korea, land of my ancestors, and got my primary school education.  After 4th grade, we were back in Illinois.  I grew up as a pastor’s kid and in high school recognized my need for Jesus as my lord and savior. The work began slowly but surely as his disciple.  After graduating from Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA,  in preparation for local church ministry with a graduate degree, 28 years have passed.  Now there is even more awareness of the need for the Lord’s guidance. Since the first appointment as a pastor in 1998 followed by ordination in  2005 , I have sought to ask ourselves, “How is it with your soul?”

The thrust of outreach(for the whole person), embracing the consequences of  vulnerabilities as well as affecting my encounters  in Jesus name, for the sake of the Gospel, has always been important. Each time my relationship with Jesus stirs my soul, the return to his call to “make disciples” compels me.May I invite you to thrive  as we  share a common space in  his(Jesus) will,  to be mutually inspiring as we utilize the gifts he has given to each of us with a purpose.

As a testimony, I want to share what the Gospel always proclaims but has not always been, if not  less than the opposite, that in my experience, the joy of our freedom in Jesus is truth. It can, if my story is true because the Bible message is true, that promise will rise to the occasion with every increasing challenge of our dynamic life.

Seeking to hear you story,

Eric C. Cho